Oil on canvas of woman with dog

Oil on canvas of woman with dog

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W: 78cm (30.7")H: 87cm (34.3")

£1,800.00 Approx $2475.93, €2107.73

Framed oil painting on canvas. Signed by danish artist Carl Horning- Jensen.

This charming painting believed to have been painted around the 1930s features a lady seated by a window in possibly her front parlour sewing, She is surrounded by plants and outside through the lace curtain framed window which casts a shadow to the floor there are trees in the garden. She has a dog lying by her very white shoed feet. Amuch filled painting but lovely tranquil scene.

Jensen was a painter and illustrator for various newspapers and journals, his sketches often depicted the conditions of the poor and political caricatures. In the early 1900s he was one of the first known to have brought Cubism to Denmark.