1920’s large framed oil on canvas of Hans Alin

1920’s large framed oil on canvas of Hans Alin

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W: 91cm (35.8")H: 125cm (49.2")D: 4cm (1.6")

£2,900.00 Approx $3670.89, €3387.85

Framed oil painting on canvas of Hans Alin by Ava de Lagercrantz.

The subject Hans Alin was a Swedish journalist, theatre critic and paywright, he translated plays for August Strindberg. Alin travelled europe and emigrated to New York America in the early 1920s. Presumably there he met the artist who would paint him.

It is a calm scene of the subject sitting in a relaxed ser#tting in either a study or maybe a theatre foyer with magazines to one side. 

He is smartly dressed and has very long fingers!

Ava de Lagercrantz was a well known and well connected Swedish  portrait painter who gained  commissions through her cousin a Swedish envoy to Washington whilst living in New York. She also was known to have painted the portraits of Swedish Kings Oscar 11 and Gustav V.