C18th painted Swedish Chest with painted interior

C18th painted Swedish Chest with painted interior

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W: 132cm (52")H: 58cm (22.8")D: 57cm (22.4")

£2,800.00 Approx $3522.01, €3271.03

A painted Swedish trunk/Chest. It is dated 1797 and most likely a marriage chest. 

It has a slightly scumbled brown background with a lovely flower wreth to the front with a crown painted above the escutcheon. 

The top has some floral painted decoration and is slightly convex but can easily be used aa a coffee table, it is painted all around so can freestand.

It is the interior which is possibly is  the most charming part as along with masses of space there are two stylised painted laurel leaf framed portraits of a couple flanked by flowers. This is probably painted by a higher ranking artist and of people from royal court.